The Plot Against Harry

ENGLISH    1989 81 Minutes    NR MICHAEL ROEMER

Please join the Ventura Film Society for a special screening of “The Plot Against Harry”.

An early delight of American independent cinema (before there was American independent cinema, really), The Plot Against Harry is proof that failure is not necessarily the final word. Shot independently in 1969 by the collaborators of Nothing But a Man, writer-director Michael Roemer and photographer/co-producer Robert Young, Harry couldn’t find a distributor and was quickly forgotten. In 1989, Roemer took another look at the movie, submitted it to a couple of film festivals, and suddenly found critical acclaim and a respectable release.

Harry (Martin Priest) is a mid-level mobster whose racket has weakened during his stint in prison. Newly out, he tries to piece together the business, or possibly go straight, meanwhile reconnecting with his ex-wife and the two daughters he barely knew. Nothing seems to work–it’s almost as though there’s a plot against him. As a curio, Harry is choice. It’s easy to see how the movie had trouble in 1969, however; the style suggests an in-the-streets documentary, rather than a culture comedy. (An opening sequence in the jailhouse looks like the beginning of a grim prison exposé.) This bizarre approach actually gives the movie much of its appeal today, however, as does the relentless eccentricity of the supporting cast, many of them non-professionals. -Robert Horton

Following the Screening Gina Nemo, the Daughter of the late Jazz composer and performer Henry Nemo who wrote many hit standards in the 40’s and who stars in the film as “Max”, will talk about her late father’s career as a NY Jazz Musician during the golden era of Jazz and his years in Hollywood. Gina Nemo is an Award-winning artist, Founder & Head Instructor of Ventura Actors Studio and a Board member for Ventura Film Society.

Fri. FEB 8th, 2019   7:30PM


100 E. Main Street, Downtown Ventura

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