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About the Ventura Film Society

On the behalf of the Ventura Film Society and as its founder and director, I?d like to thank all of the filmmakers, donors, sponsors, and volunteers who have supported us for two exciting and groundbreaking years. Together we have achieved great things as we expand on our vision for the future of cinema as public art here in Ventura. We know you share our passion for quality alternative cinema and the important role films and filmmakers play in helping us understand ourselves and the world around us.

Celebrating Ventura?s cultural diversity is at the center of the Ventura Film Society?s mission of diversity, vision and a strong sense of community. Our Board Members and growing list of supporters and sponsors believe that the perfect cultural climate exists for establishing imaginative and compelling cinema events in our city. We have already proven that this is possible and desired by Venturans as well as visitors.

The Ventura Film Society?s Festival 2010 took place March 25-28 at the Historic Elks Lodge in Downtown Ventura. The four-day celebration of film expanded on our themes ?Discover The World Around You? and ?Local Voices/Global Visions?. It was another stunning mix of 50 films from local and international filmmakers. Featured events included an 8 film tribute to writer/actor/director Paul Mazursky, who attended with the Oscar-nominated actor George Segal.

?Many thanks for the lovely tribute to my films. You put on a very exciting show, smoothly run and nicely attended. I thought the audience's reactions to the films were terrific and their questions always intelligent. All in all, it was a very moving experience for me. Once again, thanks Lorenzo!!?

?What a great time we had in Ventura, Lorenzo, showing ?Blume In Love? and talking afterwards with Paul Mazursky about making it . It was a memorable night, special on so many levels. Thank you for bringing all of us together.?

Community response to the efforts by the VFS to create a lasting alternative cinema resource in Ventura have been very gratifying. Your outpouring of support and enthusiasm for this mission, along with our own belief and commitment, is what will ensure the VFS a vital place in our community. Here are a few more testimonials we?ve received from filmmakers and audience members.

?I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to show my work-in-progress, ?EMMETT?. It was a great experience for me, one that I will always remember. Thanks for your tireless support and patience, helping me to take a big step on the road to finishing my documentary.?
DAN CHAPMAN ? FESTIVAL 2010 filmmaker

?BIG WORLD COMES TO A SMALL TOWN?. Working as a volunteer for the Ventura Film Society has been a very rewarding experience for me. My association with the VFS had given me the opportunity to watch films and be exposed to ideas I had not been aware of before. I came away from Festival 2010 with a much-enlarged view of the world and a deeper understanding of some of our most personal feelings and concerns.?

?The Ventura Film Society is a top notch organization with excellent presentation and a varied program with great filmmakers. I highly recommend it to students, future filmmakers and the general public.?
RICHARD HALSEY ? FILM EDITOR ? (Oscar winner for "Rocky" )

?Attending the 2010 festival was a very positive experience. The whole sense of the festival being a labor of love put on by real people made it delightful; it reminded me of what it means to love film, and how important it is to support grass-roots filmmakers. I'll be back!? -  TOM FRIEDMAN, Ventura resident

?This year's film festival was a delight!  From meeting actor George Segal to watching Omar De Leon paint a canvas on film, it went beyond all my expectations!   Thank you for bringing such a great cultural experience to Ventura! ?
ROZ McGRATH ? VFS Sponsor 


The VFS is focusing on a number of new screening adventures as 2010 continues.
On Wednesday June 2 we will begin showing evening films at the WAV THEATER/ GALLERY, continuing on the first Wednesday of every month through the end of the year. Our Opening Night film will be ?TOUCH THE SOUND? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLvkoAZYAkI), a powerful documentary feature about the deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie. For full VFS information and evolving WAV screening schedules please visit www.venturafilmsociety.com.

We will also be collaborating with BELL ARTS FACTORY (our fiscal sponsor) on a series of Westside screenings, including ?Avenue Stories?, focusing on our ?Neighborhood Cinema? project, with films like ?La Mission?, ?Warner Kids?, ?Lifeline Extended?, ?Passion For Music? and other local voices.

We look forward to working with one of our main sponsors, The CROWNE PLAZA VENTURA, on a series of screenings at their Ventura Beach location.

The VFS is also in discussions with the VENTURA COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART about a regular screening series starting Summer 2010 in the new Martin V. and Martha K. Smith Pavilion.

We also look forward to future events at our original home, the HISTORIC ELKS LODGE, as well as at OTHER HISTORICAL VENUES in Ventura and at the DOWNTOWN CENTURY 10.

For a dynamic look at the ongoing activities of the VFS please view our 10 minute Promo Video at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw02sbaUGtA.

Thank you for your loyalty and support for the Ventura Film Society as we grow into a key part of Ventura?s arts and cultural evolution.


Lorenzo DeStefano
PO BOX 24303
VENTURA, CA. 93002
805 641-3845 / info@venturafilmsociety.com


The Ventura Film Society is an educational not-for-profit
under the generous sponsorship of Bell Arts Factory,
a 501 (c) (3) arts advocacy organization in Ventura, California.
Contributions to the Ventura Film Society
are fully tax-deductible\to the extent provided by law.

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